How to Play Games During Exams Without Loosing Marks?

How to Play Games During Exams Without Loosing Marks

Exam Dp: Most of us like playing games, I Guess Who Don’t??  The one who doesn’t like are the people who are usually busy reading books or are the boring one busy with their boyfriend or girlfriend (Just kidding).

Playing Games is the best way to reduce the stress, RuneScape gold, PubG, Counter-Strike are the few games I love the most!

Who Likes Studying? I Guess If you are reading this, you are the one who doesn’t like it too! If you ask me personally, I just hate studying unless there is something interesting which drives & motivates me to study more, Just

Tips to Play & Study Without Losing Marks

Yah! You have read that correctly! I will be showing you how to play games and study without losing marks, just follow the steps below! Make Sure You share this with your friends, if this helps you out 🙂

  • Create Schedule

  1. Creating a Schedule is highly necessary to play safe and to score more in exams!
  2. Now this varies from student to student (Due to College or School timing)
  3. If this is the first time you are creating a schedule, don’t waste more than 5 hours just creating this! (I Have Done that and wasted all my precious time).
  4. Set time Like 2 Hours to Study & 30 Min to play games.
  5. Sounds Unfair Right? Only 1/4  time to play games! Well, If you can grasp the particular subject fast then yah make it 1 hour for the particular subject.
  6. Trust Your Self! You Can Do this!
  • Set Goals

  1. Goals Are Necessary! According to a survey, People who set goals are the one who likely to achieve their goals than the ones who don’t!
  2. Set a Goal Which Is Achievable: Its Good to Aim for the moon, but you should also know that time is limited.
  3. If You have time for your exams and they are not near, then you can cover all topics just by the simple hack of “set goal”.
  • How to Achieve Goals?

  1. Now if you have exams very soon, and you think you can’t study everything, just analyze your Previous exam papers, Check “Is there any chances of Question Getting the Same Question Repeated”?
  2. Mostly Everywhere there are few questions which are likely to be asked every time If you ask me the place where I Study (I won’t Reveal the Name) but a mostly maximum question comes from previous 2-3 years papers! Isn’t that Cool?
  3. I Know You might be the one who is not that lucky, But You should go with these questions first which are likely to come in exams.
  • What Stops You From Studying?

  1. My College Sir Use to say these lines  “More Study More Confusion, No Study No Confusion” to us when we come to the exam center without studying.
  2. Another Quote Was “Body Present & Mind Absent”!
  3. Just Focus on 1 thing at a time, You Cant play basketball while you are writing an essay or Study when you are Playing any other game outside!
  4. Guess What? These Will Impact Both section.
  5. How? The Answer is very simple, When You Play a game and you think of exams, you will be the one tensed, Tension comes up every time!
  6. Stop Doing that! I Was the one who used to do the same unless one of my mentors told me not to do 2 things simultaneity!
  7. If you are playing a game, Play like hell but make sure you only think about playing a game and not studying (This Doesn’t Mean playing games whole day! Follow your schedule strictly).
  8. You Should follow the same with studies, When You are studying just focus on your studies and chances are you will score well! why and how? You Know it Better!

Leave any Comment If you like Any More Points to get covered! Hope This guide Would Help You to Score more in exams while playing games during exam time!

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How to Play Games During Exams Without Loosing Marks?
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